Do the prices listed include shipping?
No, the prices listed are the retail price. Shipping costs will be added during the order checkout process.
Is there a value added tax (VAT) included in the listed price?
No, VAT is not included in the retail price of our items nor will VAT be charged on your purchase.
How long will it take to complete my order before it is shipped?
Under normal circumstances if you place an order for a customized item, it will take at least 4 weeks. For our existing life-size replica items, figure around 3-4 weeks. And for all other accessories such as keychains, magnets, etc., it could take anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks for us to complete your order. Please refer to each product page for more detailed information on the time to complete the creation of your item(s).
How do I pay for an order?
Fake Food Japan accepts payment via credit/debit card and also via PayPal. *Please note that you don't have to open an account at PayPal to complete your purchase.
When will my credit/debit card be charged?
After the details of your order have been confirmed by us, your credit/debit card or PayPal account (depending on which method you used) will be charged.
The price of my order with the shipping fee included is shown in JPY not USD/EUR/GBP/AUD, etc. at the final checkout screen. What should I do?
As our database default currency is JPY, at present there is no way for us to configure our shopping cart to show the same value amount in other currencies at the final checkout screen. With that said, you can have peace in mind in knowing that the JPY figure shown is the correct converted value.


Our payment processors (Stripe & PayPal) will handle all currency conversions internally and your credit card/debit card/PayPal account will be charged the appropriate amount upon completion of your order. If you wish to double check with the current conversion rates, you may do so by visiting here:
To where do you ship your products?
Fake Food Japan ships around the world. If your country is not listed during the checkout process, please let us know via email so we can give you a price quote and make the necessary arrangements for you to receive your order.
How much is shipping and how long will it take for my order to be delivered?
Please consult the Shipping & Delivery page.
How do I cancel my order?
We regret to inform you that you are unable cancel your order once it has been shipped by us. Please double check your order prior to completing the purchase transaction.
I have placed my order and received the shipping confirmation email but my order has not arrived, what should I do?
If you have chosen either registered airmail or express mail service (EMS) as your shipping option, please visit the Japan Post's online site here and enter your tracking number to check the delivery status of your package.


If you have chosen the airmail option, please understand that since there isn't a tracking number provided, we are unable to assist you once we have shipped your package. For airmail orders, we ask that you contact your local post office to inquire if they have received any packages from Japan addressed to you.
How can I contact customer service at Fake Food Japan?
We can handle all English and Japanese requests via the following methods.

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