My own customized fake food?!

That's right folks!

We know there are endless possibilities when it comes to fake food. After perusing through our site if you don't see exactly what you were hoping to find don't worry! We can take customized orders to create for you one-of-a-kind items that you won't find anywhere else!

How does the process work?

Just follow the 6 steps down below.

Customized Order Process & Time Schedule

Step 1: Indicate what you would like as your customized fake food item(s).

For example:
・Back Scratcher
・Business Card Case
・Ear Pick
・Hair Band
・Hair Clip
・Headphone Jack Plug
・iPhone Case
・Life-Size Replica
・Mini Bowl
・Mintia Case
・Outlet Plug Cover
・Pencil/Pen Stand
・Small Size Replica
・Smartphone Stand
・Tablet Stand
・USB Flash Drive
・Wall Clock

Step 2: Attach color photos (the more the better) depicting exactly how you would like your customized items to be made. If you can avoid generic photos, it would be most appreciated.

Step 3: Based on the photos that you send us, tell us in as much detail as possible everything that is shown in your photos. Also include the individual size dimensions of all the items in your photos that you would like to have created and the quantity of each item.

Example #1: Pasta Dish
(we accept measurements in inches or centimeters)

Dish diameter: 24 cm
Dish height: 5 cm
- Light yellow spaghetti pasta noodles
- Tomato sauce
- Parmesan cheese topping
- Parsley topping
Example #2: Steak Dish
(we accept measurements in inches or centimeters)

Dish diameter: 26 cm
Dish height: 2.5 cm
- Steak (size: 14 cm x 4 cm x 2 cm)
- 20 Asparagus (individual size: 12cm x 1 cm x 0.5 cm)
- Baked potato with butter (size: 7cm x 4 cm x 5 cm)
Example #3: Mojito Drink
(we accept measurements in inches or centimeters)

Glass diameter: 4 cm
Glass height: 12 cm
- Lime wedge
- Mint leaves
- Ice cubes (filled to the top of the glass)
- Carbonation
Example #4: Chocolate Cake
(we accept measurements in inches or centimeters)

Cake diameter: 16 cm
Cake height: 10 cm
- 1 strawberry covered in strawberry sauce on top

Step 4: If applicable, let us know if you will be sending us any plates, bowls, glasses, cups, etc. as shown in your photos to our location in Osaka, Japan.

If you would like for us to find comparable plates, bowls, glasses, cups, etc. based on your specifications, understand that there will be a separate fee assessed on your order once complete to cover the cost of the any plates, bowls, glasses, cups, etc. that we purchase on your behalf. Also note that in some instances we may not be able to source plates, bowls, glasses, cups, etc. based on your specifications.

Step 5: Indicate the currency you would like for your customized order cost estimate/price quote to be created in.

Step 6: Send us your email with all the information requested in steps 1-5.

That's it!

Once we receive your email, we will confirm in a few days time whether we are able to make your custom-made item(s). If we can make your item(s), we will inform you of the approximate price and time frame it will take to create your one-of-a-kind fake food. Please understand that under normal circumstances, it will take at least 4 weeks to complete your customized order.

Also note that due to being custom-made, the pricing for your items will most likely be higher when compared to similar items as shown on our Life-Size Replicas page: Life-Size Replicas

So what are you waiting for?

Send us your custom-made fake food requests via email today!


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