Fake Food Japan prides itself in bringing you true works of art. Our handmade fake food is carefully designed and crafted from the most skilled in the industry right here in Osaka, Japan, where the fake food industry got its start in 1932.

Starting our operations in 2012, our mission is to give people spanning the globe the opportunity to own and enjoy for themselves this Japanese time-honored craft of producing the most authentic looking fake food known to man.

So by all means, take a look through our web site to see all that is possible. And if you can't find what you are looking for, please let us know. We can take customized orders to create for you specialized one-of-a-kind items that you won't find anywhere else!

And for our Japan-based customers, you can visit our sister Japanese site from this link: http://www.fakefoodjapan.net/

Who are Fake Food Japan Customers?

- People looking for a souvenir/gift from Japan for their:
      - Family
      - Friends
      - Co-workers
      - Employees
      - Clients
      - Corporate event guests
- Educational instructors looking for teaching aids
- People in advertising and film looking for set props
- Restauranteurs looking to show their menu items visually to their customers

About the Fake Food Japan Leadership

Founder & CEO - Justin D. Hanus
Originally from Ohio (USA) and living in Osaka since 2003, Justin is a huge fan of Japanese culture and cuisine. Wanting to promote both his love of Japanese culture and cuisine to others around the world, he created Fake Food Japan to carry out his vision.
Head Chef - Fumio Morino
Born and raised in the food capital of Japan - Osaka, Morino-san has been in the family fake food-making business his entire life. Mastering the art of making fake food, Morino-san is a celebrity in the industry in Japan for his attention to fine detail. Wanting to showcase his talents to the far corners of the world, he teamed up with Justin to make his dream a reality in 2012.

How to Contact Us

We can handle all English and Japanese requests via the following methods.

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